It's a love story...

The Mrs. Clutch brand is based on a family love story. A story of love, tradition, heritage and a love letter.

The love letter that inspired the brand

In 1952 when my father's childhood home burned to the ground due to an American Airline plane crash, this love letter was the only remaining possession found amongst the rubble. Written in 1919 by my grandfather, asking my grandmother to wait for his return from his service in the Italian army, so he could marry her. She carried this letter in her handbag everyday of her life.


Each heirloom-worthy handbag is designed to be a signature piece not only on your wedding day, but a signature piece for any occasion.


Creating classic handbags in limited quantities, slows the fashion cycle, which in turn helps to minimize waste and reduce overproduction. Creating a handbag to last the test of time to be passed on to the next generation is the heart and soul of the brand. The Mrs. Clutch is Made in Italy.

Meet the creative force behind the brand.

Maria Caruso Martin founder and creative director began her creative career over 20 years ago as an interior designer. Her love of both fashion and interior design made the transition from interior designer to fashion designer a natural progression.


Her Italian roots and love affair with Italy is where she fell in love with the magical city of Venice and the romantic gothic quatrefoil that is the signature for the brand. With its many interpretations - luck, faith and love among them - the quatrefoil now adorns each handbag in both style and sentiment.


Once featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her personal wedding style, Maria now shares her signature sophisticated style with other brides and fashionable women looking for bespoke luxury handbags.

Charities We Support

Every year, 12 million girls are married before they turn 18. That’s one girl married every 3 seconds, robbed of her future and put at risk of violence, ill health, and trapped in poverty. But change is possible. The Mrs. Clutch will donate $10 to VOW from the purchase of your clutch, to end child marriage. Every girl has the right to a safe and healthy future, including the right to choose if, when, and whom to marry.